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For many years I have enjoyed massages from Naomi.When I have had a sore neck or jaw, her expertise in massage has relieved the pain and stress. And when there was time; a full hour has blissfully transformed my state of being. I especially love her wonderful & varied techniques combined with Nature's Spirit Aromatherapy blends.  
~Doreen A DeSerres~ Owner, Nature's Spirit



Naomi has helped me a great deal with my fibromyalgia. She always takes great care in making sure that the massage pressure is just right and not causing pain. I know that when I am having a flare-up, Naomi will give me the help I need to get through the rest of my day. The quiet relaxation and the aromatherapy in her studio aids in getting rid of stress. 

Vicki Taylor~

Looking forward to working with you more in the future.  You have a beautiful, gentle energy.

~ Morgana Starr~

I have worked with about five massage therapists over the past 10 years to reduce frequency of migraine headaches. Naomi has been treating me for five years, and she is more responsive about tailoring her massage techniques and focus to specifically improve my problem areas than most of the therapists I've worked with. She is very sensitive to my reactions during massage treatments. If an area is particularly tender, she picks up on that right away and reduces the pressure accordingly. Likewise she identifies areas that are excessively tense and works on those areas for longer periods. She  has also taught me stretching and self massage techniques that I use almost daily. Combining these with massage and other treatments such as nutrition and acupuncture, I've significantly reduced the frequency and severity of my migraines as well as lost work time while also reducing the amount of preventative medication I take. I consider Naomi to be an important partner in my migraine management regimen.

~Janet McIlvaine~

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